Cliff Diving GamePlay:

It's summer! As the weather is getting hotter and hotter, who’s up for a dive off the cliff? Join Cliff Diving to have the best experience with an adrenaline rush to make your playtime more fun! This is a new game with a simple but addicting gameplay. You only have one task in this game from Friv land 2018.

You need to control your character so that he can jump and enter the water straightest he can. First, choose the angle to jump off the cliff. Then, perform some flips before your character enters the water. Only by jumping off and show some flips will you be able to pass all the levels. As you progress further in this Friv land game, you will have to jump from the higher steps.

For a great stunt, you will be rewarded with a bunch of money to unlock all levels! It will be hard to control the character at first, but Friv land has a detailed tutorial to guide you through the game. It's your chance to experience diving from the cliff to the warm waters of the bay, perform tricks and stunts and have fun with Cliff Diving while enjoying the sunset as well.

Take some time off to try this out! There are many more fun games like Flip Master and Flip Diving at http://friv.land/ for players of all ages.


  • Hold your left mouse to prepare for the jump 
  • Release to jump and flip.
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