Colored Bunny GamePlay:

Colored Bunny is a simple and entertaining game suits all ages, especially for kids. This game helps kids distinguish colors by matching the various bunnies to their right color nests. For example, the house of the pink bunny is a pink nest and green bunny for the green one. That’s is simple, but quite challenging because you must act fastly. Here at play free friv Games, the rain of colored bunnies is falling down.

No one knows where they come from but don’t make them fall down the ground. They will get hurt. Let’s catch them with the right color nest. Your objective is to make them fall smoothly into the nest with the same color as them. You must catch as many bunnies as you can to earn a high score on http://friv.land. The control mechanism is simple, just tap or click on the nest to change its color in order to match the color of the nest with the color of the bunny.

This game requires great hand-eye coordination and fastly reaction. If you make a mistake, the game is over. Try to choose the right color to make the game keep going endlessly. If you want to add a little competition to the game to enjoy even more fun, you can compete against your friends or family members to find out who has the higher score and who is the better gamer. And you know what, if you want to change to something more thrilling, you can challenge your skills with Table Tennis Pro and Maze. Have a great time.

Controls: Click or tap to change the color of the nest.

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