Killer City GamePlay:

Killer City is about a thrilling chase where you have to run away from a killer. Do you have any ideas about why you are being chased by a killer or why a killer wants to kill you? Perhaps you owe him a large sum of money and don't pay it back of you stab his back literally and figuratively. Now, he will take revenge. In Killer City at friv land 2020, you have to escape from a dangerous situation as he chases behind you and shows no mercy to kill you.

You must run away from him as far as you can. This thrilling action-packed journey brings you the real challenge. The killer holds a gun while you have bare hands. However, if you are lucky enough, you can pick up a baseball bat and protect yourself. Along the way, try to collect as much money as possible. Here, you will be killed by 2 threats. One is the killer and another is the vehicles.

Looking around as you cross the street because you can get hit of vehicles. One tip to help you protect your life on http://friv.land/ is that it’s better to go into the buildings and move from the building to the building because you have a cover. If you walk around the space, the killer shoots and takes you down much easier. You can’t hide. The game ends at the time you die. So, try to fool the killer and stay alive then you can enjoy other fun games such as Quarantine Rush and Big Game Hunting. Just kidding!

How to play: Move by using your mouse.

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