Conect The Same Number GamePlay:

Conect The Same Number is a fun puzzle game about numbers. A game related to numbers is not boring or something like make you stress out. It’s super enjoyable. You don't have to count numbers or perform calculations. Here at friv the game, your main objective is to draw a line to link 2 the same numbers. However, you have to make sure that the line doesn’t cross the others. Otherwise, you fail.

There are 2 modes for you to choose from including Normal mode and Maniac mode. You should play normal mode first to get familiar with the gameplay. The Maniac mode is too hard to handle. There is a game board in each mode. You will see each number appear 2 times in a random position on the game board. You have to link the same numbers and make sure each line has its own path.

On https://friv.land/, you don’t have to fill the board with the lines. Leave some rooms and it’s fine. As soon as you connect a pair of numbers successfully and have all pairs connected, you win. As you start playing, the time is counted to let you know how long it takes to complete a level. You can play once again that level and break the previous time record. In the maniac mode, more numbers are added and the game becomes more complex. It becomes hard to link 2 numbers while keeping the lines free from the others.

You can challenge your friends or your family member to have more fun. You know that tons of games are available on our site, right? Check out your favorite ones whenever you have free time or let us suggest you 2 great options including Crazy Monsters Memory and Tangle Master 3D.


Use your mouse to draw the line.

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