Bird Connect Deluxe GamePlay:

If you are looking for a classic game, then try Bird Connect Deluxe – a great puzzle game that many players love, from kids to adults. Here at Friv Land, you can find many puzzle games with different gameplay. Each gives you a unique vibe and you should try more and more to enjoy different gaming experiences.

This game is inspired by Mahjong, so you’re sure to get familiar with the gameplay. Eliminate all the tiles appearing on the board is your main objective. You connect identical tiles to eliminate both of them. However, make sure that each connection can have no more than 2 turns. You have to free all the birds in each level within a given time. You can get a time bonus if you finish a level before time runs out.

On https://friv.land/, to unlock the next level, you have to finish the current one and there are in total of 15 levels full of challenges and fun. It’s about observation skills. This game is not too hard, so kids can play. It not only gives them a great gaming time but also improves their ability to recognize something such as birds like this game. Your score or time won’t decrease if you have a wrong connection. This is a puzzle game that doesn’t test your brain so badly.

It’s great for kids to try and play. You can find many games for you to entertain and for kids to play on our site. Just click on each category and try to find out the best ones for you or check out the following options: Tiny Dungeons .

How to play:

Click or tap on 2 identical tiles to remove them.

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