Water Flow Connect GamePlay:

At Friv games, Water Flow Connect is a challenging yet addicting puzzle game that will give you hours of joy and train your brain, improve your problem-solving skills, and so on. Are you ready to deal with a series of puzzles? Let’s get started. The game is about watering withered plants. In the dry season, plants can’t live without water. Each level requires you to change the direction of the pipes to create a path to make the water flow to each plant. When all plants have been watered, you clear the mission at the current level and you can move to the next stage. Here, you don’t need to use all pieces of pipes. As soon as every single plant in a level has been watered, that level is finished. Observe the pipes and plants, then link the pipes to water the plants. It seems to be easy but the truth is it's not. You will find it hard to link the pipes soon, especially when you level up because like other level-based games at friv.land/kids-games, the difficulty of the game increases slightly as you progress. Besides, the game doesn’t offer any hints as well as doesn’t require you to finish a level within a given time. So, to clear the current level, you have to find the solution by yourself without any help. However, if you play this game with your friends, you guys can help each other to solve the puzzles. The pipe can be turned around. Do you already know what you have to do? Start rotating pipes, connecting them, and creating a working pipeline to save the withered plants. Have fun and enjoy Color Cannon and Mighty Party: Doge Rescue.

Controls: Mouse.

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