Crazy Gravity Space GamePlay:

Do you want to play one more platformer game? Lucky for you, the latest platformer game just arrives at Friv Land. It’s called Crazy Gravity Space. It has the concept of many games of the same genre that you have played before. At each level, you have to go through a series of obstacles to reach the portal and move to the next place which is the next level. However, that is not all that you have to do. You need to collect an important item to fix your rocket.

Well, you need that rocket to go to your home. So, the item you need to collect is the energized item. Don’t forget to collect this item at every level. It’s also a requirement to complete each level and unlock the new one. Read here and you may think this game is easy, right? You are wrong. This game brings you to space, then there must be something related to this environment that you have to deal with.

On https://friv.land/, you sometimes find yourself go upside down and this is the true challenge. You will need time to get familiar with the upside-down gameplay. Pass the challenges such as spikes, electric lightning machines and so on to advance. Jump and double them to go through 15 levels that increase the challenging level. The challenges in the later levels are different and harder to pass than the previous levels.

So always ready to face them and conquer them without being hurt. You have only one life at each level. If you hit one of those challenges, you die. Good luck and besides this game, let’s challenge yourself with other games such as Blocky Sharpshooter and Lucky Life.


Arrow keys to move and jump.

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