Blocky Sharpshooter GamePlay:

Blocky Sharpshooter is a fun and challenging shooting game in which you are put in a dangerous situation. At friv Games online free, you have to wipe all the enemies out of your view but you have to be quicker, at least quicker than your enemies. Otherwise, you lose your life. There are 12 levels and you have to finish the mission in the current level to unlock the next one. Each level requires you to defeat all enemies in several stages If you conquer the first stage but you fail in the second stage, you lose the whole level.

It means you have to play that level once again. Prove that you are a great sharpshooter by shooting down an enemy each time. You just miss a chance, you get shot immediately. On https://friv.land/, you not only have to be quick but also accurate. Taking action quickly and accurately helps you conquer all levels at easy. However, it’s not easy to get one shot one kill because your enemies are moving. They don’t stay still and wait for you to shoot them. Instead, they move around and it seems that they react much faster than you and they easily kill you.

Try not to miss a single target to earn coins and you use coins to unlock new crosshairs in the store. This game is easy to play but hard to master. However, don’t give up even if you lose several times. Try harder and you will succeed and you can conquer the next round.

Have a great time here and feel free to discover different genres on our site to entertain in your free time. Some of the best choices for you are Leave Me Alone and Slime Hunter.


Mouse to aim and left click to shoot.

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