Poly Art 3D GamePlay:

After a hard-working day, it’s great to lay down and play something make you relax and forget all the fatigue or 5 minutes playing game in the short break also help you relieve stress and get ready for work or study. Here at https://friv.land/, there is a new puzzle game that you should check out. It’s called Poly Art 3D. As its name, it brings you to the beautiful art world where you will discover tons of artworks that you create.

Each puzzle requires you to form the right figure from a group of pieces. It means that at each level, a complete object is divided into many pieces and you have to rotate those pieces until that object is formed. Yes, you have to find out the identity of an unknown object. It can be an apple, a strawberry, a lion, and more. You can’t guess what it is until all pieces are connected and the final object appears.

On https://friv.land/, it sounds so easy but when you don’t know what the object is, you will find it hard to solve the puzzle. However, if you get stuck, you should rely on the group of pieces that have the same color and you can use hints to finish that level. Sometimes, spin the pieces randomly can help you find out the figure right away but sometimes, you have to spin the pieces slowly in all directions.

Importantly, you should patient and stay focus while playing this game. That’s what you need to have to pass every single level. Hope you enjoy it and make sure you have a joyful moment on our site with other choices of games such as ASMR Slicing and Spot The Different.


Use your left click to spin the pieces.

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