Donutosaur GamePlay:

Donutosaur brings you the feeling of Cut the Rope but in a different way. This is a cool puzzle game in which you help a little monster get a donut at each level. This monster is not being hung with rope and you won’t cut the rope to finish your mission. Instead, you use all kinds of tools to reach your goal. Because it’s a puzzle game, you have to find the best solution for each level.

There are 2 requirements that you have to meet if you want to move to the next level. Firstly, the monster eats a donut. Secondly, the monster collects at least 1 star. However, if you feel the game isn’t challenging enough for you, let’s set your own goal such as collect all 3 stars on every level. The game will guide you go through some first levels and later on, you have to do it by yourself. Look around to analyze the situation and to find tools and choose where to start first.

On https://friv.land/, the first action matters and it affects how you solve the puzzle and if you collect 3 stars. You will meet some friendly friends and they’re always willing to help you. They will push, pull, and even destroy objects for you. You also can make use of gravity. If you fail, don’t worry, just restart and keep trying. Feed your hungry adorable monster with sweets and donuts until its stomach is filled.

The great gameplay, stunning graphics, and cute characters, this game has all you need from a great puzzle game. Check it out and don’t forget to challenge yourself with new missions in some enjoyable games such as Knots Master 3D and Pull Him Out.


Use your mouse to solve the puzzle.

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