Pepperoni Gone Wild GamePlay:

Pepperoni Wild is a fun adventure game combined with an endless running game full of fun and challenges. The adventure begins as a great chef has been creating a pizza recipe which is different from the normal one. This recipe helps him make a giant pizza - the biggest pizza in the world. However, something has gone wrong. Here at friv unblocked , the giant pizza becomes wild and gets mad. It starts rolling downhill and tends to crush the chef. The chef can’t wait to run away immediately before it’s too late.

Don’t know why this pizza becomes evil like this but first, just try to escape to save the chef’s life. Your mission is to guide his escape safely by avoiding all obstacles along the way and collecting coins to buy new vehicles to escape. Do flip and jump high to earn more points. Remember that a new vehicle is bought with points and other attributes of the vehicles are bought with coins. To jump higher, you hold space bar or left mouse until the power bar is full. on friv 4 , to perform a back-flip, you use swipe clockwise or press left arrow key.

The aim of this game requires you to run as far as you can and to make sure that giant pizza can’t catch up with you. Pay attention to react quickly and take action fast to deal with any obstacles ahead. This game is fun and interesting suits all ages. Adults can enjoy a great time here while kids also have fun. There are many games in different genres available on our site. If you want to experience more gameplay, you can check out these 2 following options: Toon Strike Force: Arcade Space Shooter and Tiles Hop

Controls: Swipe or spacebar, left click and arrow keys to play.

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