Knots Master 3D GamePlay:

Knots Master 3D is an interesting but insanely challenging puzzle game that arrives at friv Games online recently. Your main objective here is to untangle all the rope which are twisted together. It’s not an easy mission. It can make you stress or help you relax. As you progress through the game, you find it much harder to unknot. In essence, it was like uncross more. A bundle of wires is mess up and you have to put each wire to its position.

You unplug each wire and plug it into a new position. You can’t pull out 2 wires or plug 2 plugs at the same time. And the first step is the most important because it affects the whole process. You have to observe and move the first wire to have the best start. Otherwise, you can’t continue. This game is a test for stamina and patience. It will mess you up if you don’t stay focused and keep calm.

On https://friv.land/, remember that the key to this game is the first wire that you move. All wires are crossed over. Then, when you uncross the first wire from the mess, you will find it easier to move the second wire and finally finish that level. In some levels, you may move 1 or 2 wires and you get stuck. You can’t make any moves. That’s because you start with the wrong wire. When you take the first step, make sure your first choice is the right wire.

This game is only for those who are really patient or who want to test the patience of clones because it requires players to act meticulously and accurately. So if you are one of them, jump in and start the show or check out other choices for free here such as Raft Shark Hunting and Connect Merge.


Uncross the wires by using your mouse.

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