Dots Pong GamePlay:

When it comes to think of reaction game, Dots Pong is a good choice in Friv.land. You test your great eyesight and reaction ability. You are fond of it for sure. You use both the brain and fingers to win this game. The game is challenging and interesting. You’re thrilled to bits while joining Dots Pong game of friv 5.

The game is very simple to play. There are five balls. Two are black and two are white. The last one is smaller and always changes its color between black and white. There are two rows. Each row includes one black ball and one white ball. The small ball moves up and down to touch balls at friv 5 games. You switch balls quickly. You make same color balls meet.

You move four big balls to play. Tap the screen to change positions of big balls. For example, when the small ball is black, you make it touch black balls only. If the small ball turns into white, you let it touch white balls. Big balls just move in the horizontal direction. The small ball rebounds on friv 5 for kids when it crash into the same-colored balls. It changes the color continuously. It moves faster and faster. You must act fast and tap the screen quickly.

If the small ball touches the different colored balls, you will lose the game instantly. You can replay to play a new game. You get one point after you switch balls successfully. If there is nothing new under the sun, take a chance to enjoy this game.
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How to play:
•    Tap the screen or click on the screen.   

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