Falling Dots GamePlay:

In a blink of an eye, you choose the right color to survive in Falling Dots. Welcome to Friv.land! Players are going to test the velocity of reaction. Brain and fingers work hard. Don’t make any mistake. Keep up with the high speed of Falling Dots game in friv4school unblock! Why don’t we get started immediately?


Falling Dots free game is an HTMT5 game on the website. You may play it on browsers like safari and chrome. The game can be played on Smartphones and tablets such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Window Phone, and Android devices. This is a classic arcade game which asks players to act fast on friv4school unblock games. The quick reaction is the most important factor to win the game.


You see two lines. There are two white dots are put on the lines. Their position is fixed. They can’t move. Other dots will come to them. Dots are black or white. They are only two colors in this game. You must change the color of two fixed dots so that they match with the incoming dots. For instance, if a black dot is falling down, you must change the white dot into a black dot. When another white dot falls, you turn back the white color to fit it. AT friv4school unblock online games, you switch between black and white.


Dots fall down so fast. You have to be faster than them. The speed changes in a row. Sometimes, dots drop faster and faster. Sometimes, they slow down. Be careful! React cleverly! Define the right color and choose to hold or release the keys. The game is so much fun and riveting.


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How to play:    

  • Press the Z/X key to change the color.
  • Release Z/X key to turn back the original color.
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