Knights Diamond GamePlay:

Knights Diamond is a fierce battle of a warrior at Friv.land. You confront countless enemies and do your best to do important missions. Despite the unexpected danger, go ahead and seek the way out. Knights Diamond online game rewinds the clock and takes you back to the Roman ancient age on frivi. Get a move on!

Knights Diamond free game is played online. You shall take a role of a Roman trooper wandering in a dark rocky cave. You go out of your way to collect diamonds and gold coins. You not only get valuable things but also try to keep your life. Many zombies in the cave are waiting to kill you in frivi games. They attack one by one or a group of enemies attacks you. They turn up suddenly, so be careful.

Coins can be anywhere. They are on the ground, in the chests or on high rocky blocks. If coins are on the cliffs, you must jump and take them. Open boxes to get diamonds and coins. Some wooden barrels contain precious stones or bowls of food. Use your sword to unlock chests and discover treasures at frivi player games. You have to make use of your weapon to attack enemies firstly. Kill them before they take your breath away. Act fast and move smartly to maximize your assets.

A red health bar shows your lives. Your coins and gemstones are shown on the screen’s left corner. There are many levels to pass through. At the level 1, you overcome challenges and find out a door in the dead end. The gate will open when you approach it. You enter and finish the level 1 of frivi free games.  We have many characters. You are given your first character. You must use the money to buy other fighters. The character who wears a Viking hat costs $200. The fighter who uses a spike costs $300. Another character values $100. Each character has different speed. The more expensive they are, the faster they move. Their costumes are different too.

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  • Use Space to use the sword.
  • Use arrows to move.
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