Funny Parking GamePlay:

You must have played many parking games, right? Each of them is a different experience. And now, it’s time for something new and awesome, weird and fun. You won't be able to stop without playing to the last level for sure. Welcome to Funny Parking at  play friv Gameswhere you park funnily. So you won’t follow the instruction or read the sign to park but launch your car like a canon.

You will see the glowing parking spot at a certain position on each level. Find a way to make your car come to that spot. However, you should keep in mind that each attempt makes you lose some fuel. So, try to have a perfect launch to save your fuel. There are 2 requirements that you have to meet to complete each level including reach the final spot and get at least one star. On http://friv.land/, all levels are unlocked so you can choose any levels to play first.

It’s better to start from level 1. If your car accidentally hits another vehicle, you will earn extra money for destroying them. This money can be used to upgrade your car in terms of impact force, armor, and gasoline. Each stat has 5 levels. Maximum these stats to own the best car ever. It helps you so much in the game. Figure out how to park your car in the parking lot has a very strange design. You won’t see any parking slots as funny as this one. Get ready to explore other choices of games.  Grand Prix Hero and Old City Stunt are 2 amazing options you should play first.

Controls: Use your mouse to adjust the strength and angle of the shot.

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