El Clasico GamePlay:

El Clasico, the big game between two of the most famous football club Real Madrid and Barcelona started at sports games. What is your favorite football club? Choose one of them and lead your club to victory. This game is not about controlling a team of 11 players to compete against the opposing team of 11 players. Instead, it’s a penalty shoot-out where each team takes turns shooting at the goal from the penalty mark. After 90 seconds, the team that has more scores is the winner. When your opponent takes turns shooting, you will control the goalkeeper to block the shot from the opposing team.

And when you take your turn shooting, your opposing team’s player will try to block your shot. The gameplay and controls are simple but it may take some time for you to get familiar. You have to set the direction, height, and curve of the shot to score. And this is not easy as it seems to be. Don’t give up if you fail several times. It’s hard in the beginning but after a few matches, you will gain experience and get better at shooting and blocking your opponents. In terms of control mechanics, with the first click or tap, you set the direction of the shot.

With the second click or tap, you set the height of the shot, and with the third click or tap, you set the curve of the shot. Once you set those, you can’t change them. Keep it in your mind. Lead Real Madrid or Barcelona to victory. Break a leg. If you’re looking for other fun Frivland football games, here are two of the best choices for you Basketball Stars and Tallman Dunk Rush. And don’t forget that new additions are coming on their way.

Instructions: Mouse.

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