Slap Master 3D GamePlay:

Slap Master 3D is a fun action game that promises to help you relieve stress effectively. It’s about slapping each other. You and your opponent are brought to a looked-alike boxing ring. Here at Friv Land, you and your opponent wear protective gloves but instead of playing boxing, you will slap your opponent’s face. It’s turn-based combat. When it’s your turn, you slap your opponent. When it’s your opponent’s turn, you get slapped.

The point is how strong your slap is. The stronger your slap, the faster the opponent is defeated. The strength of the slap depends on the moment when you take action. In your turn, you will see a small gauge above your opponent’s head. The gauge hand will continuously move from left to right and vice versa. You have to tap or click at the moment when the gauge hand is on the green area. That's when your slap deals the greatest damage.

On https://friv.land/, whether you lose or win, you get coins. Coins are used to upgrade your strength and health. As you level up, you deal with much stronger opponents. Therefore, upgrading is important. You should upgrade whenever you have enough coins. Your opponent is always stronger than you. After 3 normal matches, you enter a special match where you have 3 times to slap a target.

Whether you can defeat it with 3 slaps or not, you still move to the next round. Keep in your mind that timing your slap is the key to beat your opponent. Try to deal the greatest damage to win the match. Have fun and make sure you explore other games such as Ever Wing and Secret Sniper Agent 13.

How to play: Tap or click to slap.