Planetarium 2 GamePlay:

Planetarium 2 is a gift for astronomy lovers at Friv.land. Have you observed a whole of the solar system? You love shinning stars and mysteries in the universe. We let you see activities of planets. Learn more about our galaxy in Planetarium 2 game of friv school games. Expand your insight and experience new things.

Planetarium 2 is an educational science game for free. It simulates our solar system. It consists of the Sun and planets such as Mercury, Mars, Earth, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus. The Sun is the biggest star in the system. It lied in the center of the system on friv school 2018 games. In this game, you can see what is happening in the galaxy and how planets and stars interact with one another. How awesome it is! Define the order and orbit of planets. Make experiments with them to see how this affects their movement. Put asteroids or comets in their path.

You can zoom in and zoom out to see planets in different distances. Change speed of movement easily. It’s likely to stop all system. You can look for the position of planets. Modify their orbit. Moreover, you add an object to those paths at friv 2018 school online. You may put another star, a star or a ball in moving routine of any planet. If you let the Sun crash into a star, a big explosion will happen. You even can change the solar system. Add a star to the system. Create an orbit for that star. It looks like that 2 systems meet each other. Show the name of planets and asteroid belt.

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How to play:

  • Use the mouse to press buttons on the screen.
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