Gun Fest GamePlay:

Gun Fest is an interesting game about running and guns. Don’t be confused. You won’t run to find your enemies and shoot them down like many games have that gameplay at https://friv.land/, instead, you will build a strong army of guns by choosing the right door, then shoot down all obstacles in front of you and reach the finish line. Do you see the doors?

Each door has a calculation on it. With subtraction and division, your gun count will be reduced. With addition and multiplication, your gun count will increase. The door with a question mark will bring you a surprise. It can cause your guns to increase or decrease. Choose the right door to get as many guns as possible.

Then, you can shoot down enemies and obstacles on the running way and get the biggest reward at the end. Each obstacle also has a specific number and that number is equivalent to the number of guns you will lose to destroy that object. Here at friv games 2023, if you have fewer guns than the number on the object blocking your path, you will lose, and replaying that level is what you will do next.

The more guns you have, the bigger reward you get in the end. After each level, you will gain some coins and you can use coins to upgrade the power and number of the guns. Besides, don’t forget to log in to the game each day to get one daily reward and you also get a reward by spinning the wheel. Have a great journey and enjoy your spare time in other exciting games such as Save The Uncle and Aqua Park Shark.

How to play: Mouse.

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