Parking Puzzle GamePlay:

Parking has never been an easy task. But in Friv land, this job is even harder due to the puzzled parking lot. There are many cars parking in the wrong places. However, the parking lot has the shape of a puzzle in which you can only move some car to the lots next to them.

Remember that you cannot move a car that is not connected to the empty zone. You will have to utilize your brain and come up of the best way to bring all the cars back to its correct spot. How can you know which spot is the correct one? The parking spot and the car will have the same color. The hard part of this game is that if you want to move one car, you might have to switch the position of all other cars.

This makes it extremely to finish the game in the shortest time. Your score will be calculated based on the number of moves you make. The fewer the number, the higher the score. This game also comes with a feature which will tell you how many other players you surpass. By using this information, you can assess your own performance and try to do better in the next levels. The control is simple in this game at http://friv.land/

How to play: Click on a car to make it cross the bridge and move to the empty zone. It doesn't matter which game you choose because all the games like Desert Run and Atv Quad Moto Racing will guarantee the best playtime!

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