Fishing Hunt GamePlay:

Fishing Hunt at friv Games online free promises to bring you the best gaming experience ever with 2 game modes. Due to some reasons, you can’t go fishing in real life, then click on the Play button, and you are brought to the ocean. Here, you will go straight to the sea and catch fish with a fishing rod or a fishing net. Your main objective is to catch as much fish as possible within a certain amount of time.

With a fishing rod, you just catch one fish each time and with a fishing net, you can catch a school of fish. Within 1 minute, how much fish can you catch? Actually, the control and the gameplay of the game are quite simple. That’s why this game suit kids the best. No matter what you use a fishing rod or a fishing net, you just need to click or tap on the fish that you want to catch. To save time, you should catch the fish closest to you.

Here at https://friv.land/, you will see treasures passing by. Take them and see what they give you. There is something surprising inside those boxes. Besides fish and treasures, there are octopuses but don’t catch them because you won’t get any coins from octopuses but ink cover all over your face. You will need some time to wash off the ink. That’s why it’s better to ignore every single octopus. Just focus on catching fish to earn coins.

Fishing is fun and relaxing. It’s good for you and your health. So, if you can fish in the river or ocean, just come here and have fun with the fish. Enjoy every single moment here and in other fun games such as Popeye and Food Roll.

Instructions: Click or tap.

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