Fishing Hunter GamePlay:

Fishing Hunter is an addictive fishing game that will preserve you hooked for hours! The goal of this game at Friv online is to seize as many fish as probable while avoiding the dangerous predators lurking in the bodies of water. You must use your quick reflexes and keen eyesight to take down the fish while avoiding being eaten!

This game is ideal for any true fishing enthusiast looking to put their skills to the test and see how many fish they can catch! You will receive the corresponding number of points for each successful fishing turn. Each game level will assign a score goal to the player, as well as a time limit of one minute. If the specified number of points is obtained within the time limit, the player will pass the level and proceed to the next. However, if the timer runs out and you haven't completed the required number of points, you will lose and have to replay the level.

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