Object Hunt GamePlay:

Play hide and seek in a new style, in a way that helps you to release stress. Sound great, doesn’t it? Its name tells you something about the gameplay, Object Hunt is all about hiding and hunting. At Friv Land, you can choose one of two roles: the catcher or the hider. As the hunter, you have to find other players in the form of different objects on the map. After a short amount of time, they will reveal themselves.

Take that chance to hit them with your huge hammer. You don’t have to lock your target, just hit every object and you have a chance to catch one of your targets by accident... If you can catch every single of hider before time runs out, you win. Otherwise, you lose. If you play as a hider, you can choose one from several camouflage forms. After that, let’s quickly find a great place and hide.

On https://friv.land/, remember that your hiding place will be revealed after a while. At that moment, you want to find a new place to hide. Whenever the hunter comes close to you, you can run away as soon as you aren’t on him hitting range. While you hide or you find your prey, don’t forget to collect coins. You can use coins to unlock more weapons and outfits. These items won’t help you hide or hunt better but they can increase your gaming experience.

The background music is fun, the gameplay is great and the graphics are nice, all create one of the best games that you should play on our site along with other choices such as Armored Blasters and Endless Siege.


Mouse to run and left click to hit.

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