Swarm Queen GamePlay:

Swarm Queen is an epic strategy game from its look to its gameplay that you have never tried before in any games at friv school Games to play. This is a battle for supremacy between 2 strong armies. One belongs to you and one belongs to the enemy. You must raise an army of alien troops to outwit your enemies. Incubate your eggs by using geothermal vents and grow the strongest forces to kill your enemies easier and faster.

Your enemy is also strong and insidious. They are not easy to deal with. You must plan a wise strategy and deploy the most effective formation to face them. There are different troops play different roles in the battle. Your main goal is to kill the opposing swarm queen and dominate the planet. Try to use many troops to beat over each level. With many units, special gameplay and unique designs, you will enjoy the best gaming experience ever.

These interesting strategy mechanics give you hours of joy. On http://friv.land, you must use your strategy skills to earn all 3 stars on each level and have the perfect win. Make sure you keep an eye on the battle because the tide of the battle can be changed anytime. Plan a strategy on every move to work your way through every level and enjoy every moment here.

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Instructions: Use the left click to spawn units, AD or drag left mouse button to move the camera, Spacebar to rewind time, 1/2/3/4/5 to spawn a unit.

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