Flying Snake GamePlay:

Have you ever played the good, old and very popular Snake game at friv.land? Have you ever played a 3D version of it, with a huge Flying Snake inside of a cube? I bet you didn’t.

Slither through african dark forest and slay your prey like fierce anaconda snake. Enjoy Flying Snake Deadly Slithering, newest 3D game and hunt down enemies like rabbits, humans or birds to satisfy hunger.


  1. 10 thrilling flying snake missions in savanna forest
  2. Hunt bunny or human hunters & attack bid nest
  3. Realistic mountain jungle with massive open world
  4. Smooth controls for snake gliding and jumping
  5. High quality 3D graphics for immersive gameplay

Today you are going to take the Snake experience to a whole new level, controlling a snake that moves in all directions collecting tons of fruit to grow.

Play as deadly flying snake, crawl in a lush tropical forest and kill victims with poisonous venom spit. Become the most feared reptile and jump high to fly attack on bird nest or wild animals wandering in big 3D jungle environment.

Survive against ferocious python, cobra and ruthless anaconda. Slay victims in the most merciless way imaginable. Be a deadliest flying snake and weave through air to prey on critters or slithering worm with sharp fangs. Hunger turned you in angry snake looking for surprise attack on enemies.

Like in the original game, you have to avoid hitting your own body and the walls, otherwise you will lose and start again as a tiny little snake.

Enjoy this awesome game also in first person view, rate and comment at friv.land


  • Arrows / WASD = move,
  • QE = roll, Space = boost,
  • 1-2 = change view

Game is good but everytime I jump for the snake to fly he glitches through the ground every time it also made me fail my mission. Fix this glitch issue.

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