Snake.is MLG Edition GamePlay:

Play one of the best snake slithering IO games with MLG theme at play friv Games. Inspired by Slither.io, you will experience similar and different gameplay here. Enjoy the slithering competition against other players around the world with a new twist. Here, you can choose from many special skins for your snakes such as Angry Bird or Nyan Cat and jump right into the battle without weapons.

Like other games of the same genre, your main goal is to dominate the leaderboard by writing your name on the first position. To make it come true, you try to collect as many objects on the map as possible to grow up. The more you eat, the bigger and longer you are. With a long body, you can trap your opponents by letting them hit your body. Then, they will explode into tons of dollars.

At that moment, hurry up to get all the money to become richer and richer. On http://friv.land/, you can boost your speed to kill your opponent more effectively or escape from dangerous situations to keep your life safe. However, you will lose a small portion of your body length. Become the longest snake alive and block your opponents’ snake. Then, once they’re killed, you can eat their leftover to slither your way to the top of the leaderboard.

Play and enjoy the music with awesome sound effects in this game. The number of enemies that you kill and the amount of money you get affect the result. Have a good time and enjoy an amazing gaming experience. Enjoy other games for free such as Castlewars.io and Trapz .io.

Controls: Mouse to move and left click to boost your speed.

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