Snake YO GamePlay:

Slither around the world of snakes, how can you deal with all challenges and enemies that await you? To survive, you have to learn how to adapt to different situations. Let’s come to Snake YO at frivGames 2022 and let’s see how long you can survive here. Look at its name and you may guess what it’s about. It has the same gameplay as other snake-slithering IO games in which you will slither around the map to collect magic food. The magic food will help you grow up. The more magic food you eat, the bigger your body gets.

Besides, magic food will fill up the dash bar that gives you the ability to dash to escape from enemies or dangerous situations. This bar is placed in the upper right corner of the screen. When you use your dash ability, you will lose some dashing energies and by collecting magic food, the dash bar will fill up. This game is different from other snake-slithering IO games at https://friv.land/ in some points.

Firstly, the magic food will disappear after a few seconds. Secondly, as you grow up, you can use your body to surround enemies to kill them. However, after being killed, your target won’t leave anything behind but by defeating them, you will earn more points. Thirdly, there is no power-up here except for the dashing ability. As mentioned previously, you can kill enemies and they can do the same thing to you. To keep yourself safe, try not to crash into enemies.

Especially, when dashing, you easily hit your enemies because you can’t control your speed. Then, be careful when you use this skill. Have a wonderful journey in the snake world and discover the new worlds in other games such as Impostor Farm Killer.io and Transporters IO.

Instructions: Mouse to change direction and left click to dash.

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