Little Big Snake GamePlay:

Most of the io games have the same features such as multiple players, real-time interaction and so on. However, a latest io game from Friv play 2018 stands out with its amazing background and stunning graphics to satisfy the players. Join Little Big Snake free game to have a fun time now!

In this game, your objective is to stay alive on the huge map. You will start off the game as a small snake. As you continue to feed the colored orbs and spheres to the snake, it will eventually grow to a significant size. The only way to eat the orbs is to move around the map and look for them. Whenever another snake dies, you can take the chance to eat the bigger balls. The most important note in this game is that you should pay attention so as not to collide with any other snakes. Moreover, there is a smaller map in the corner of the game screen.

You can use this particular map to keep track of the snakes' movements. This feature will become handy when there are too many snakes on the map at the same time. This game at http://friv.land/ is also suitable for the kids who like to make new friends because the players are real-time and they can interact with each other freely. Prepare yourself for many challenges and obstacles in some other games like Agar. wtf and Paperio Space as well.

How to play:

Move using the left mouse and left click to move faster.

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