Slap Face GamePlay:

Slap Kings is a super fun action game about slapping. Here at https://friv.land/, you will join a slapping contest where you will slap and get slapped. Your main objective obviously is to win every round. You will meet a stronger component in the next round. You guys take turns slapping each other. Do you see a meter above your component’s head? You have to wait until the stick goes to the green part, then take action.

Your opponent will get slapped with the highest damage. You have to make use of every turn. Otherwise, you will be defeated. Your opponent also tries to slap you with the highest damage. If you miss a turn, you will lose because you run out of HP before your opponent. There is no time-limited here, so be patient and wait until you can make your opponent lose the highest number of HP with the strongest slap. Try to win to get a lot of money.

Otherwise, you still receive comforting money. With money, you can upgrade your HP and strength. In this exciting friv play game, the upgrade greatly affects the outcome of the match. Because you will meet stronger opponents in the next round, you will need to upgrade to be able to defeat them. It can be said that it is both easy and difficult to win. If your action is of high precision, the victory is yours.

Conversely, if you timing incorrectly, you miss your chances of becoming a winner. That’s all about this game. Hope you have a great gaming time. Don’t forget to check out other cool options such as Sniper King 2D The Dark City and Dragon Ninja Warriors.

Controls: Click or tap.