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Slice Food is a great and spellbinding game in Friv.land. Joyfulness and blitheness are things you get when playing this game. Are you into cooking? Do you know basic skills to become a chef? Slice Food game heartens you at friv online. Practice to master your cooking skill! Observe carefully and slice exactly!

Slice Food free game takes you to a modern and well-equipped kitchen. The game is divided into 24 levels. Choose any level you want. You don’t need to finish level 1 to unlock level 2 like in some games. You do tasks to complete levels of friv.com 2 game. We calculate the accuracy of cutting lines and give you star-like biscuits if you cut food well.  

You will see a kind of food put on a plate. There are a knife and fork. Use the knife to cut food into pieces as required. At level 1, you cut a cake into 2 parts with 1 cutting line. In the level 2, you cut a waffle into 4 pieces by 2 cutting lines. You cut a piece of pizza into 3 parts in level 3. You have 2 lines to use. You must create same parts. Otherwise, you fail the level and you have to replay to continue slicing.

The good advantage is that players can get achievements on friv.com 2 online game. You have a piece of chocolate pizza when you slice 10 cakes and 100% badge when you have perfect slices in 5 levels. You own a blue candy after completing 8 levels. You have a piece of chocolate if you slice 30 chocolates. You have a knife when you slice 100 times. After finishing 16 levels, you have a green candy. You have two pieces of waffle after slicing 50 waffles. You own a set of fork and knife if you win all levels.

This is a cooking game. How interesting it is. Introduce this game to friends and assess it. Don’t forget to leave reviews on our website. Play cooking games like Donuts Bakery, Burger Now, and Pizza Realife Cooking at friv.land.


Use the mouse to play.

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