Force Master 3D GamePlay:

Force Master 3D is a unique game about math and battling. You may have tried this kind of game before at friv Games school. Your main mission is to build the strongest army to defeat the big boss on each level. To reach that goal, you have to do the math. On the battlefield, you will attack an enemy each time. Do you see the numbers? It shows your power and the enemy’s power.

You can only kill the enemies who have a smaller number than yours or the same as you. If you face an enemy who has a bigger number than yours, you are defeated. From the starting point, you should move towards the weaker enemy. Once you kill a monster, you will gain the power of that enemy. It’s the way you enhance your strength to get ready for the big boss. After killing some enemies and gaining enough power, you approach the boss. There, you have to tap or click quickly to release your power at the boss with the highest level.

Here at https://friv.land/, killing as many minions as possible before approaching the boss is important. You need to go the right way. Once you move forward, you can’t go back. That’s why you need to determine the right direction from the start. Like other games out there, as you proceed, the challenging level increases significantly. However, it’s not too hard to handle; therefore, anyone can enjoy it, even kids. Enemies are waiting for you.

Make a wise choice and pay attention to your own strength. You can restart a level whenever you want. Enjoy your free time here and in many choices of fun games on our site such as Huggy Wuggy Shooter and Wuggy Crusher.

Controls: Mouse.