Island Survival Simulator GamePlay:

You wake up and find yourself on a wild island. No one is around you. This island looks so peaceful but many dangerous things are trying to kill you. You must learn everything to survive, from hunting, crafting to building and so on. Remember that you are not here to have a vacation but your main objective is to stay alive. Island Survival Simulator challenges your survival skills.

At friv Games for boys, you must find supply and food to survive. Check out some stats such as water, food, and health. Make sure you eat and drink to live. One of the most important things you should care about is that a house keeps you safe at night. Collect food, water, and materials such as stone, wood during the day and build a house to protect you from wild creatures.

Remember to stay in the house when the sun comes down. It isn’t a good idea to wandering around at night. On http://friv.land, you can create some useful tools to hunt animals for food or fight against them or build a car to travel around the island faster. Apart from the dangers, this island has so many interesting things for you to explore.

Keep yourself safe and entertaining at the same time because when you are alone and have nothing to do, you easily get crazy. If you love this kind of game, there are many different choices available on our site for you to try. Some of the best options are Rogue Soul 2 and Swords & Souls.

Instructions: WASD to move, mouse to view/attack/build, Shift to run, Spacebar to jump, E to open/grab and TAB to enter inventory.

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