Among Us Red Imposter GamePlay:

Among Us is invading the game world with its amazing gameplay. It keeps many players hooked and many games with the same concept are created. Among Us Red Imposter is one of them and it’s worth playing. Here at Friv Land, you can play this game for free anytime you want. If you have played Among Us before, you will find something similar in this game.

The gameplay, character, and goal are the same but with a twist that brings you an amazing experience. Your ultimate objective is to kill every crewmate in the spaceship to complete each level. However, it’s not an easy mission. You have to silently, sneakily kill them. Being caught and the game is over. You have to approach close to your target and quickly use your knife to stab each crewmate. After taking that action, it's better to run away from the scene.

On https://friv.land/, you can not hide for too long. You only have a short time to finish your mission. Look at the sign above your target's head and you will know when is the best time to take action and when you should stop. Importantly, you should kill them from their back. As you process, you deal with much harder challenges. You have to eliminate more crewmates. More crewmates mean the chance that you get caught is higher. At that time, you should be careful as twice as before. You don't know what awaits you ahead.

This makes the game more interesting to play. You can find a lot of games related to Among Us on our site and it's one of the best options that you shouldn't miss. Enjoy and explore other games such as Mixed World and Icesters Trouble.


Move by using your mouse and left click to kill crewmates.