Falling Ghost GamePlay:

Even in 2018, the players from Friv land still love the classic arcade games with pixelated and simple graphics to compete against their friends in the free time. With Falling Ghost, a new arcade game which has the ghost theme, you will get to have fun while running away from the moving screen. If you haven't tried the other falling games, you can just try one turn to know the rules and the basics of this game at http://friv.land/

Since it's an infinite falling style game. don't stop moving or you will be eliminated. Your main character is a cute ghost. It's your job to control the movement of the ghost and make it jump from the higher blocks to the lower ones to avoid being crushed by the moving screen. To survive, you need to make sure that the ghost stays in the screen view. Avoiding going up is not easy, however, in this game, you are also not allowed to freefall down the dark holes. No matter what you do, it's crucial to make sure that the ghost stays on a platform.

Complicated as the game sounds, you will find it easy to master as soon as you start the game! Don't worry if you fail the game, just restart and have fun all over again! If you register, your score will be recorded to put on the leaderboard. However, as a guest player, you can just have fun only. More and more adventures are waiting for you with the games like Construct a Bridge and Airbus Flight Simulator

How to play: move with the arrow keys.

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