Hello Cats GamePlay:

Hello Cats is a fun physical-based puzzle game where your main objective is to find the best way to bring the cat back for the owner at every level. You solve the puzzle by drawing an adequate shape to knock the cat off of where it’s sitting or so on. Draw as many times as you can as soon as you can make the cat jump off its current position or help it get out of the tank filled with water and so on.

At friv play Games, you sometimes can’t guess what you should do in the current level. There is no hint or instruction at all. You have to observe and start drawing. The shapes that you draw don’t have to be perfect. They can be different in shape and size as soon as they get the job done. You can see this game tests your problem-skills with different challenges. Cats can’t stay still, they run, jump and climb all the time and you don’t know why this cat can go here or there.

Now, you have to find a way to bring it down. On http://friv.land/, remember that all the puzzles are based on the physical. So make sure you tactfully make use of the terrain and featured objects within each level to help you achieve your goal easier. This cat has caused trouble and it wears an unpleasant face, but it will be very grateful to you when you help it out of the current situation. Conquer every single level and find the best relaxing moment in other games as well. Some of the best choices for you are Jump Jelly Jump and Kara Sky Jump.

Instructions: Use your left mouse to draw.

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