Granny House GamePlay:

Granny House is a free horror game with 4 different levels and one mission which is to escape from the hospital without making any noise. How to escape from there? It’s a challenging question that you have to find the answer by yourself. Imagine that once day you wake up and you find yourself locked in a creepy hospital with someone scary stalking you. Then, you know that you must escape from here.

At play free friv Games, you have 4 missions and all of them have the same goal. However, you are brought to a different place each time. You don’t have a map or useful stuff to help you get out of this place. You will have to rely on your wits and bravery to overcome them all. You don’t even know where is the exit. If you know clearly about this place, then nothing can make it difficult for you but unfortunately, you don't know where you are in this hospital and you don't know where the door to escape is.

You have to walk around, discover all the corners, rooms, and floors, and find everything that can help you out. One of the most important things is not to make noise. If you make any noise, the danger will come. Move silently or you will be caught by the granny, the one you don’t want to meet in your life for sure. Experiencing many different emotions, suspense, fear, and excitement in this game. If you survive through 4 levels, check out the following options then: Angry Vegetable and Choli Sky Jump.

How to play: Mouse to look around, arrow keys to move, space to jump.

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