Nitro Knights GamePlay:

In the old days, warriors rode horses and held spears in their hands to kill their enemies. Today, you will fly a hovercraft and hold a lance in your hand to take the life of your contestants. At Friv Land, Nitro Knights is such a game. Rejoice in victory or suffer in defeat, it’s all up to you. Rush to your opponent and stab them with your spear. Don’t show your mercy because they do the same thing to you. So make sure you get your hands dirty first.

Each level is a thrilling battle where you face other strong players and you have to finish a specific mission such as kill a certain number of enemies or collect a certain number of coins. Even your goal is to collect coins, you still have to watch out for your opponents and eliminate them. There is no friendly battle in this game. You should know that.

On https://friv.land/, every single level is the fierce battle among futuristic knights who are thirsty for victory. You have a certain amount of time to clear each level and make sure you make it before your opponent. As you level up, new power-ups are unlocked and you can collect them on the map. Here, you can die because of your opponents and because of the area outside the battlefield. So, don’t move to the area outside of the map. You can respawn once at each level.

To make sure you win, you should attack from the side or from the back of the opponent. Keep it in your mind and you can be the winner. Have fun and have a look at other cool games such as Sunny Farm IO and ChristmasFishing.io.

How to play:

Use your mouse to fly your hovercraft.

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