Guns & Bottles GamePlay:

You may have played a bottle shooting game in which you have to shoot a line of bottles standing far from you. In an awesome bottle shooting arcade game called Guns & Bottles, everything is different. You need to shoot the rotating bottles with a rotating gun.

Just aim accurately and shoot at the right time to eliminate them all to unlock a new level. At friv Games for free, the gun is fixed in the middle of the screen and a line of bottles is moving around this gun. You need to shoot down all blue bottles to get the highest score and reach further in the game. If you shoot down several bottles in a row, you will trigger the fire mode of the gun.

It brings you extra coins. Make sure you shoot all bottles within a limited bullet. Yes, each level just offers a certain number of bullets, you are better to use as fewer bullets as possible to get bonus points. Remember to stay away from red bottles. If you shoot the red ones or there are no more bullets, the game ends and you have to play from the level one once again.

You are no under the pressure of time, so make sure you spend time aiming and shooting effectively on http://friv.land. You can use the coins that you’ve collected during the game to buy new guns in the store. If you are confident in your shooting skills, let’s show us by setting a record here. Have more fun with Swing Online and Tap Tap Dash Online.

How to play: Aim and shoot with your mouse.

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