Run Evil Defenders GamePlay:

Run Evil Defenders is not about defending a structure like other tower defense games that you can find and play at Friv Land. It’s about protecting evil. You may wonder why you have to protect evil. Don’t waste your time to find the answer. Your main objective is to save this evil from a giant fireball. You play as evil in this game and you have to run away from the giant fireball.

It just likes you are playing an endless runner game. A giant fireball is not only a threat that will take your life. Something dangerous is waiting for you later on. You have to jump over any of those obstacles. If you get too much damage, your journey ends there. Of course, you don’t have unlimited HP. Look at your HP bar at the left top of the screen to know how much HP you have.

On https://friv.land/, sometimes, you will see a coin. Grab it right away because it boosts your speed. When you hit any obstacles, your speed will decrease. It makes the fireball easily catches up with you. Try your best to avoid them if you don’t want to end your life too soon. This game looks super simple and easy but it’s hard to master. You find it hard to go far and get a higher score. You have wings but sadly, you can’t fly.

If you can fly, this game has nothing challenging, right? Challenge yourself and let’s see how far you can go. Enjoy your time here and in other fun games such as Save Me Now and Robot Fighter Epic Battles.

How to play: Click to jump over the obstacles.

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