Jump Jelly Jump GamePlay:

Play an endless running style game, be ready for that because you will be shocked when you start this challenge. Jump Jelly Jump is simply a game about jumping. What you do here is to control an elastic jelly jump from these platforms to those platforms to go as far as possible. Here at friv Games online, you don't have to do much here. Just use your mouse to drag the jelly to the left and right to make sure that it always lands in the center of each platform without falling.

If the jelly falls freely, you know what will happen, right? Just a simple mistake, your current achievement will be deleted. So, be careful all the time. Besides, on some platforms, you will see some highlighted sighs. They are speed-up pads. It means that as you go through it, you will speed up. This brings you more excitement but also dangers. On http://friv.land/, collecting diamonds and avoid obstacles are also some tasks that you should care about.

Additionally, there are some sub-challenges that you can earn more diamonds if you succeed such as fall 20 times, perform 10 pirouettes, pick up 50 diamonds, run for 2k meters, and avoid 15 obstacles. With these diamonds, you can unlock about 50 jelly characters in different skins and shapes. Consider unlocking these new characters is a mission to make the game more fun and challenging. Hope that you have a safe trip with your lovely jelly and don’t forget to embark on new adventures in other games such as Kara Sky Jump and Down The Mountain among tons of amazing options here.

Instructions: Drag your character with your mouse.

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