Shoot and goal GamePlay:

Soccer games vary in type. Some games bring to players realistic experiences in terms of both graphics and gameplay. Some just focus on only one aspect such as penalty and so on. Shoot And Goal is a simple version of a soccer game that you can play for free anytime you want at friv Games online. Here, you compete against CPU. You control two players and CPU controls two players.

These soccer players look like plates instead of humans and instead of kicking the ball, it looks like you push the ball ahead. That’s quite similar to what you do in hockey. There is no option to choose your favorite team, no option to boost players’ stats, and no item is sold. This makes the game different from other options. It’s simple but quite interesting and those who love playing soccer should give it a try. Your main objective is to get 5 scores first to win the match. There is no limited time.

The team that has 5 scores first is the winner. That’s it. It doesn’t follow the common soccer rules like many soccers games out there and at https://friv.land/. It sounds too simple to be fun but simple doesn’t mean boring. It’s truly hard to win over CPU. Sometimes, scoring relies on luck rather than skills. You may lose several times but play more and your skills will be enhanced and you can gain experience to handle the opposing team. Don't overestimate winning or losing. Gaming is for entertainment.

So, let's play the game in the most comfortable mood to get the best entertainment time. Besides this game, you can also enjoy other choices on our site such as Battle Soccer Arena and Football Masters.

Instructions: Play with your mouse.