Power Ranger Run Fast - Escape Zombies GamePlay:

Endless runner games are a great choice for all players. This genre of game is challenging and enjoyable at the same time. If you are looking for an endless runner game, you can find many options at Friv games and Power Ranger Run Fast – Escape Zombies is the latest one. As its name, it’s about Power Ranger who wants to escape from hungry zombies.

Here, you need to help Power Ranger runs as far and survive as long as possible. It has a gameplay that is quite different from other choices of the same genre. You won’t move among 3 lanes to avoid crashing into obstacles but jump over all threats to keep your life safe. You have 5 lives each turn and each time you hit a zombie or obstacle, you lose a life. Luckily, instead of having only one life like other choices and when you die, you have to play from the beginning, here you have 5 lives and you can earn more lives during the running journey.

On https://friv.land/, a heart is one life and you can find many of them along the way. The problem is that if you can collect it or not. Besides collecting hearts, you can also pick up several special items that help you safe from zombies. Make use of them and you will have better results. Over time, you will deal with more challenges.

For example, zombies appear crowded. You will find it harder to avoid them. However, the more you play, the more experienced you are to handle those challenges. If you get tired of running for a while, let’s have a break and check out other choices of games such as Hand Spinner and Jungle Bricks

Controls: Up arrow keys to jump.

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