Skateboard Surf GamePlay:

Skateboard Surf is another version of Subway Surfers – one of the most popular endless runner games out there. If you have ever tried that famous one before, you will love this version as well and you can play both of them at friv Games. Here, you will skateboard down the subway while avoiding trains, barriers, and other obstacles as well as collect as many coins as you can. Your main objective is to skateboard furthest. That’s why it’s an endless runner game.

The gameplay is not too challenging but to go as far as possible, you have to be careful and react fast enough to avoid crashing into upcoming trains and barriers. In the beginning, you have a skateboard but if you hit any obstacles, this skateboard will disappear but you can keep running. It means you have an extra life here. However, keep in mind that when you run without a skateboard, you will die when you hit an obstacle. There is no other change except for watching a video.

On https://friv.land/, you can watch an ad video to get a skateboard or a useful item that you get better performance. During your journey, you also can get some items such as a magnet, a shield, and so on. Although the effect of these items just lasts for a few seconds, it’s enough for you to collect a big number of coins or save yourself from danger.

With collected coins, you can unlock new skins for your skateboard or buy power-ups in the store. Have a nice time and don’t forget to have other games a try. Some great choices for you are Boxing Fighter Shadow Battle and CPL Tournament 2020.

Instructions: Mouse to play.

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