Swords & Souls GamePlay:

Swords & Souls is an enjoyable RPG game in which you play as a Roman Warrior who has the responsibility to save the realm against hordes of monsters. To be successful, you must go through a training course to enhance your fighting stats and become a real hero. Before starting your adventure, you train your skills in the training areas. At friv for kids Games, you train your strength, defense, accuracy, and agility by completing a series of mini-game.

After finishing each type of training, you are ready for the battle in the arena. The combat mechanism of this game is turn-based combat. Try to kill them as fast as you can to level up. As you level up, you can improve your stats, learn new moves and skills. During the battles, your hero attacks automatically. Your job here is to activate special attacks and defensive skills.

On http://friv.land/, as you advance in the game, you will face much stronger enemies and mighty bosses. Don’t forget to upgrade regularly to enhance your strength. Besides, you can personize your own character by changing his name, the color of hair and armor, face and so on. Each winning rewards you a chest full of gems, coins, and equipment. Go to your inventory to customize your champion as you like and enter another battle.

Go fighting from the desert, jungle, to valley, snow land and wipe out of terrifying creatures. Don’t waste your special attack on the normal monsters. Use special attacks to defeat bosses because they are stronger than you. If you want to go adventure in other journeys with the aim of saving your homeland from evil forces, here are some options for you Apocalypse World and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.

Instructions: Use left click to play this turn-based RPG game.

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