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Parking Passion happens in a car park. You drive cars on Friv.land. You are looking for an empty place to park the car. Move the car to put it in the right position. This is not an easy game. Turn right, turn left or step back to place your vehicle. Parking Passion game of friv.c is very absorbing. Much time!


Parking Passion free game is a cars game. You drive your car, but you don’t race. You have a car and you have to find out a place to park it. The game has many levels.  You finish levels one by one. In the level 1, you play in 2 minutes. If you park the car successfully in 2 minutes, you complete the level. If you don’t park in that time, you lose the game. You cross a crossroad and go in a yellow empty area. Park the car in it. We count down from 3 to 1, then you win level 1 at friv.c games.


Remember that you are just allowed to park in the yellow area. In the level 2, you must turn left and find the parking lot. Control the car carefully and lead it to the empty place. At level 3, you go straight. The yellow area is on the right side. Park the car. The difficulty level rises up through levels. In the level 5, you cross a crossroad. Be aware of other vehicles. Don’t crash into them. If an accident happens, the game will end in friv.c player games.


You follow the arrow to find the parking lot. A green bar shows your life. When the bar runs out of green color, you lose the game. You lose health percentage if you bump into other vehicles or objects. Objects are traffic cones, gardens on the pavement, and barriers. You can get scores. The sooner you win the level, the more points you have. Give it a try!


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  • Use arrows to drive the car.
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