Jelly Merge GamePlay:

Jelly Merge is one of the best puzzle games that you should not miss if you are looking for something simple yet challenging and addicting to play in your spare time. As its name, what you do here is merge the same jellies to get the highest profit. When you merge 2 identical jellies, a new type of jelly will be created and keep merging until you get the highest level of jelly. You may wonder what you need jelly merging for. Well, you merge jellies for money.

Do you see a cannon on the top of the screen? It keeps shooting and you need to move the jelly to make that jelly gets shot. The jelly gets shot and you earn money. The rule is simple. The higher level of a jelly that gets shot, the more money you earn. The cannon will change its shooting direction over level. Find the perfect slot to place the highest level of jelly and earn as much money as possible in this exciting Friv 10 puzzle game. Enjoy your gaming time here and keep exploring a wide range of exciting games at friv all games. We have a lot of amazing options for you and here are some of them Merge Fruit and Jelly Cubes

In the beginning, the jelly is quite cheap. Over time, the price of the jellies increases, and the money that you earn will be used to buy jellies. Each level requires you to reach a specific goal of money. When you reach that goal, you level up and a new jelly will be unlocked for you to buy. Are you ready to upgrade and enhance your jellies to the max? Keep merging and unlock the highest level of rewards.


Use MOUSE to play the game.

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