Kitsune-Zenko GamePlay:

Adventure games bring you to different adventures where you can face many challenges as well as exciting things. Here at friv Games to play, a new adventure is waiting for you in Kitsune-Zenko. Kitsune Zenko means a good fox in Japanese and your mission is to help a little fox reach his goal. He wants to collect every single diamond and cherry in the jungle. It can be a real challenge if he does it by himself.

However, with your help, nothing is impossible. Lead our lovely fox run through the jungle, pass all obstacles and defeat all enemies to reach the taste cherries and shining diamonds. All animals in the jungle won’t let both of you reach your goal easily. They run around trying to hurt our little fox. With carnivorous plants, the only way to handle them is to avoid them. You just need to jump over them.

With wild animals, you jump on their head several times to kill them. You can’t run away from them. Like many adventure games at https://friv.land/, this option also gives you 3 lives in each level. Touch a carnivorous plant or an enemy or trap, you lose a life but don’t worry because you can earn extra lives during your adventure. Make sure you seek every corner in the jungle not to leave a diamond or cherry behind.

Pass the checkpoint marked by a flag and you can revive at that point in the next attempt. When you collect all diamonds and cherries as a level requires, you automatically move to the next stage. Have a great adventure with the little fox and something enjoyable awaits you in City Hero Full and Stickman Huggy 2.

Instructions: WASD or arrow keys.

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