Kitty Scramble GamePlay:

Kitty Scramble is a great word searching game in which you have to find all hidden words as required. This is a great puzzle game for those who are learning English or just want to find something fun to play at friv unblocked online games. The rule is simple. You have to find every single word that each level requires. You don’t have to finish a level within a limited amount of time and you won’t be punished for any mistakes you make. It’s friendly for all players. It suits kids as well as adults.

You swipe through the letters vertically, horizontally, from left to right, right to left, from top to bottom, and from bottom to top to find new words. You cannot find a word diagonally. Before you start with the first word, the current level will show you the theme. Then, you find all the words related to that theme. On https://friv.land/, if you find a word and that word is not in the required group of words, you earn a coin. Each extra word gives you one coin.

Find all meaning words that are related to and not related to the theme to finish your mission and earn extras. These coins can be used to buy hints and power-ups. Each hint unlocks a letter. As you advance, 3 power-up items will be unlocked. Torch shows how many letters the word you can already guess have. Cat temporarily reveals all the letters of all the words at the beginning of the level.

And a magnifier will randomly mark a letter of one of the words. Guess it to activate a hint for another word. Jump in the word world and have fun with the letters. Enjoy and don’t forget to explore more games such as Fun Halloween Jigsaw and Mr. Bouncemasters 2.


Use your left mouse to find the hidden word.

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