Kitty Blocks GamePlay:

Do you want to play hide and seek? Let’s play with 9 beautiful cats in a puzzle game called Kitty Blocks that you play for free at Frivcomfriv. It’s a remake version of the classic Tetris. 8 of 9 cats are hiding and just one of them goes to meet you. It’s a series-looking cat named Bossy. To meet all the cats, you have to drag and drop blocks waiting for you at the bottom of the game board into the game board and fulfill the columns and the rows of the game board with blocks to clear them.

Its gameplay is the same as the Tetris that you may have played before. The only difference is that you arrange different shapes of blocks in the square game board instead of waiting for each block to fall from the top of the screen. The game ends when there is no space in the game board for you to put any blocks into it.

On https://friv.land/, you will see your progress in form of a percentage on the upper left side of the screen. When you reach 100%, you will unlock a new cat. 8 cats include Pumpkin, Cake, Mya, Sleepy, Pixie, Miss Snotty, Tabby, and Leery. Their faces have not been revealed. Are you curious about how they look like? Then, keep playing until your progress is 100% full. Don’t place each block randomly. You have to think carefully because once you place each block, you can’t change it.

Besides, the game board is small, it’s easily to full. Arrange the blocks properly and you will have space to keep placing the later blocks. Enjoy the game and make sure you explore other games after meeting all 9 cute cats. Some of the best choices are Face Breaker and Sea Rush.


Drag and drop each block with your left mouse.

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